History of Pardubice airfield

Luftwaffe Flying Schools in Pardubice

LW headquarters decided primarily to build training centre in Pardubice (Pardubitz in German), but secondary it was also used as supplementary and repair airbase.
Other close airports were merged into Pardubice training centre. These airports were: Chrudim airport, Zbraslavice airport (Sbraslawitz) and Skutec airport (Skutsch).

Sch./FAR Pardubitz 32

From October 1939 Sch./FAR Pardubitz 32 (Schule / Flieger-Ausbildungs-Regiment 32) started to operate form airport Pardubice.
These aircraft types were mostly used: Ar68, Ar96, Bu131, Fw58, Go145, He72, Kl35, E-39, W34.

Obstlt. Kurt Schröder was commanding officer until 12.6.1940, when Obstlt. Otto Rödiger displaced him. Known instructor - pilots were e.g. Fw.Lagodny, Obfw.Strecker, Obfw.Dehn and Uffz.Müller.

Praga E-39

Two of E-39 (VB+SW a RU+AF) belonged to Sch/FAR 32. Exact date is unknown. Source: LEMB

FFS (A/B) 32 Pardubitz

Sch./FAR Pardubitz 32 was renamed as Flugzeugführerschule (A/B) 32 Pardubitz on 1.10.1941.
These aircraft types were mostly used:
Ar66,Ar68, Ar96, Bu131, Bu181, C445, Fw44, Fw58, Go145, He45, He72, Kl35, S328, E-39, SG38, W33, W34.

Heinkel He-72

Unknown German officer in front of Heinkel He-72 belonged to Pardubice flying school. Date unknown.
Source: Mr. Veverka’s collection.

On 27.11.1941 Oberfeldwebel Gustav Schramm, pilot - instructor from FFS (A/B) 32, crashed with Ar 96. He fell down into garden of family house No. 655 at Jirik street in Pardubice town (note - this street doesn’t exist now, there is new afterwar build-up area). Pilot was killed, plane exploded twice. First of all Czech fire brigade of Pardubice Town came to crash site, next German assistance. Even commission from Berlin arrived in the afternoon. But this commission didn’t come from Berlin, it was in Pardubice to take part in some dealings this time.

Junkers W33

Junkers W33 DB+ET from flight school at Pardubice. Source: Internet

On 31.3.1942 Obstlt. Rödiger finished as commanding officer and Obstlt. Erdmann Brunow became his successor.

Š-328.221 Š-328.221

So even this way training can finish. During landing Letov S-328.221 collided with oxcart. The result – destroyed plane and two dead oxes. Peter Lüdcke was a pilot. This accident occurred in august 1941. Emblem with half of white horse means, that plane is from FFS (A/B) 32. Source: LEMB

FFS (A) 32 Pardubitz

FFS (A/B) 32 Pardubitz was renamed again and from 15.10.1943 as FFS (A) 32 Pardubitz continued with flight training at airport Pardubice.
It could use these aircraft types: Ar68, Bü131, Bü181, Fw58, He45, He72, Kl35, Š328, E-39, SG38, W33, W34.

Till the end of October 1943 Obstlt. Brunow leaved the function of commanding officer and from 1.11.1943 Maj.Joachim Willigmann started to lead the school. But already on 16.12.1943 Maj. Willigmann was replaced by Maj. Arnulf Blasig. He was a commanding officer until the end of school.
FFS (A) 32 Pardubitz was disbanded on 25.1.1944. Remains of unit were handed over by FFS (A) 9 in Grottkau.

Mjr. Arnulf Blasig The last commanding officer, Maj. Arnulf Blasig, was holder of many German awards - Ritterkreuz zum Eisernen Kreuz, Deutsches Kreuz in Gold, Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger. Before he came to Pardubice, he toom part in invasion to Poland, in Battle of Britain and he was in Finland too. After that he work at Reich Luftfahrt Ministerium. After that FFS (A) 32 was disbanded, he was transferred as commanding officer of FFS (A) 9 Grottkau. This unit took over the remains of FFS from Pardubice. Next he served at Schlachtfliegerausbildung which belonged to . Flieger-Schule-Division. Before the end of war he returned to Protektorat. Since April 1945 he was commanding officer of III./SG 10, First it was base din Prerov (Prerau) and finally it was moved to Vysoke Myto Airbase (Hohenmauth).

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