History of Pardubice airfield

Schlachtgeschwader 77

Almost whole SG 77 came in Pardubice airport in April 1945. On April 21 Stab and III. Gruppe came, II. /SG 77 arrived on April 24, 1945. Only I./ SG 77 was missing, but it was located at Mimon. SG 77 was a part of VIII Luftw. Korps.
Obstlt. Manfred Mossinger (from February 16 to May 8) was commanding officer of SG 77. Hptm. Hans - Joachim Brand (R, DGK) waswas commanding officer of I./ SG 77, but he was wounded and replaced by Hptm. Egon Stoll - Berberich (R). Hptm. Berberich served with SG 151 in Pardubice before. Hptm. Alexander Gläser (RE) was commanding officer of II./SG 77 and Hptm. Gerhard Stüdemann (RE, DKG) was commanding officer of III./ SG 77

The armament of SG 77 was in April 1945:

UnitAircraft typeNumber of aircraftsAble to fight
Stab SG77Fw190F-8,9

Some sources state that Fw190 A-8 from 9./SG77 were transferred to Chrudim, where they remained till the end of war. Ju87G-2 from 10.(Pz)/SG 77 operated from airfields at Cottbus, Kamenz and Görlitz.

On April 25, 1945 Uffz. Gerhard Lehman had to emergency land with his Fw190F-9 (W.Nr.428645) from III./SG 77. Pilot was wounded.

On April 27, 1945 group of Fw190 trained over the Western part of Pardubice town. They trained “devil round” (I’m sorry I don’t know if it is the right English name of this manoeuvre.) up on heigh 2.000m. It is defence manoeuvre, when the group fly horizontally in the round. There is so distance between planes that any enemy aircraft cannot attack any plane in the round. After cca 1/2 hour of training two Fw190 collided. Collision was probably caused by the one of two new planes which came flying from the airbase and which wanted to fell in behind others (Source [8] describes that two planes in round collides without new planes). is defence. One plane hit other plane ahead exactly between wing and fuselage, than they exploded and desintegrated in the air. One pilot manged to jump from cockpit but he open his canopy soon and his parachute canopy started to fire from wreckages in flames. He fell down nearby the remians of his plane. They hit the ground near distillery. The second plane ( (W.Nr. 583958) fell down to the ground into blind and maddy branch of river Labe (Elbe). Engine of this plane hit railway from Pardubice to Rosice nad Labem. Track was repaired by the the next day. Two planes circled over the crash site, the rest of them left to airbase.
German soldiers came by motorcycles to the crash site very soon. Other soldiers came by trucks and two Fi-156 Storch landed in the end. German soldiers searched through the fields and threw the remains of planes on little platform truck. Soldiers could not dig the plane (with pilot's remains) from river branch out. So it remained into the river until June 16-17, 1986 [6] (or June 22, 1987 [5]) when National technical museum together with company Povodi Labe (they manage river Labe) excavated remains from the river mudd.

It is documented that at least 4 aircrafts from III./ SG 77 attacked caserns “Jiriho z Podebrad” in Prague on May 7, 1945 in the morning. Late afternoon they attacked the upper part of Wenceslaw square together with aircrafts from other units. It is said that a pair of Fw190F-8 attacked a building of Cs. Broadcasting too. The first 250kg bomb hit this building, the second hit building in the street Italska. Aircrafts did not come back to Pardubice, but they flew to Bavaria, where crews gave up to U.S. soldiers. Allies were successful too - F-6D from 109th Sq. 67.TRG shot down one Fw190F-8 from III./ SG 77 over the Prague.

Obl. August Lambert (RK, RKE in memoriam) was probably the most successful pilot from SG 77. He shot down 116 enemy aircrafts, 17 in one day (14 and 12 in one day too).

Obl. August Lambert

From May 1944 till the end of February 1945 he flew as a pilot-instructor with III./SG 151 in Pardubice, next he was a CO of 8./SG 77 (at Kamenz). He died during airbattle on April 17th 1945. His Fw190F-8 W.Nr.584043 "black 9" fell down 1,5 km NE from Hoyerswerd.

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