Domination of draka

The white population were somewhat loyal to the monarchy being rather conservative despite the changing racial attitudes. Monthly Poll How often do you visit the library? It is fantastic, thrilling, sensual, moving and gives some things to think about, if you are openminded enough, and want to give it a try. Series note: Set in Stirling's Domination of the Draka , universe. Ah damnit, my place is on the wrong er side of the conflict
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The Domination

Even traditional safe neutral havens like Paraguay and Switzerland have gotten the boot to the head. Monthly Poll How often do you visit the library? A Draka daughter of the protagonists from The Stone Dogs is stranded in one of these timelines our own and attempts to subjugate it to her will. Burning with a desire for revenge, they founded the Domination of Draka: an Empire forged on conquest and slavery. After watching this video on a Draka that isn't backed by author fiat and and exists as a world power not poised to conquer the world anytime soon barring SDI , what do you think would be a more realistic timeline? India's economic strength primarily comes from their manufacturing base and they currently outpace the Chinese and their other rivals. Although he is successful, his forces suffer heavy casualties when he runs up against British rifle units with breech-loading rifles.
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Draka series FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

Science Fiction author S. An attempted amphibious invasion of Spain during the Eurasian War was left stalled at its beachheads, a rare moment in which the Drakas fell short of complete success. Egypt is later returned to Ottoman control, while Ceylon is given to the East India company. The activities of the Draka have given the whole concept of Empire a bad name in Britain, and both British and Indian leaders generally agree that Britain and India should now act as partners to develop their economic and military strength against the potential threat from the Domination. Most combatants on both sides introduce submachine guns, which only the Draka had used before.
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In a massive German attempt to break Entente lines on western front by combining infantry infiltration tactics with massive artillery and air bombardments and tanks pushes almost to Paris, but ultimately fails. The Empire of India is the second successor to the British Empire. Katanga copper discovered. There is a far more intense space race in this world, with nuclear pulse-drive interplanetary spaceships and colonies and military bases established on the Moon , on Mars and in the asteroid belt. The last areas to be conquered were the jungles of the Congo , due to the danger of tropical diseases. Also props for originality for making the Draka, of all things, noblebright.
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